Real Estate as a life Long Interest


Prior to starting Sustainable Sanctuary Homes,  I always had an interest in looking at, buying, selling and working on houses.  Most weekends I would find a way to attend an Open House just to keep up with what was going and also to get ideas on the next project I would do on our own homes.  If we went on vacation everybody else would hit the beach but I would get on my bike and look at houses.

Now that I run a home building and renovating business and primarily build on a speculative, for sale basis - that interest has turned into a necessary skill set.  I spend a lot of time monitoring the Montclair market to understand the real value of property because I am buying on a regular basis for the purposes of re-selling  at a higher price.   I need to buy and sell effectively or my business doesn't exist.

When I started SSH in March of 2015 the first thing I did was to get my real estate license.  I don't market myself as a Realtor (except of course for this page) but I really do enjoy it and bring added value to the table that even some of the top selling agents can't.    

The Montclair NJ Real Estate Market

The Montclair Real Estate market has been a very solid for many years especially if you are in the “sweet spot” which in Montclair is still the $600k to $850k price range.  It is still easy to sell if your home if it is in fair to good condition and in the “sweet spot”.  The key to selling any home is pricing it right out of the gate. On the flip side it is challenging to buy and very easy to overpay.  Bidding wars are common on homes in good condition as agents will regularly set the list price at a below market value to bring the buyers.  The buyers then bid "best and final" in a 1 time shot at who can pay the most to get the house.   Again this is a great process if you are leaving town and have a house to sell but if you are downsizing or trying to come into town for the first time you will benefit from the right guidance and experience.  I can certainly help and can offer some alternative ways to get you through this challenging process.  

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I am associated with Elite Realtors of New Jersey.   I have worked for other brokers and find Elite to be straightforward and easy to work with.   They also offer me flexibility in regards to fees which means I can do the same with my real estate clients.   By law Real Estate Commissions in NJ are negotiable but that is often not really the case.  Many major brokerages will set a minimum fee level for their agents and will not allow their agents to list below that level.