Sound Proofing - Volume 2

I am a little embarrassed when I now read the previous post on sound proofing. Sometimes you learn the hard way and sound proofing is one of those things we learned about in renovating and restoring 41 Plymouth Street. The specs said we would barely hear loud sounds coming from the other townhouse style unit and that is largely true on the bedroom floors but not always the case on the first floor. On the first floor we missed a few details not in or just assumed by the spec such as sealing up junction boxes and other penetrations in the common wall. I also suspect my contractor at the time did not fully insulate sections of the wall that were hard to access. One of the things I learned is that you just need to be on the site everyday even if that is sometimes not possible. The good news is that the placement of closets all along the common wall on the 2nd floor provided an additional sound buffer that is backing up the spec. At 21 Plymouth we beefed up the spec by using a good old fashioned double wall between the 1st floor units that includes an air space between them. Both parts of the double wall are insulated and we foam sealed the 5/8” sheetrock from both sides and “putty padded” and junction boxes. I think we will do better this time. Thanks to our buyers at 41 for respecting their neighbors and not playing making a peep after 10pm.