is a mouthful and a funny name for a home building and renovation company but it perfectly describes what we do.   Our homes are attractive, energy efficient and low maintenance - that's the "Sustainable" part.  They are also right sized, feature open layouts and large windows and are decorated to create a cozy and comforting living space -  as in your home as your own personal "Sanctuary".  

That beautiful green house on the right is our current favorite project.  The Montclair Zoning Board just gave us the go-ahead to turn this home into a 2 unit townhouse.   Why did they choose to do that ?   Because we are preserving the historic exterior, refinishing and restoring the even more extraordinary interior details while bringing the mechanicals into the 21st century.    Click on the address information below the picture for more information about this property that will be coming to the market this spring.   





41 Plymouth Street, Montclair NJ


The home on the left is also on Plymouth Street and is one of the few remaining "ugly ducklings" in that section of downtown Montclair.    We intend to turn this large 6,500 square foot building into 3 condominium apartments.  While we await approval for the re-zoning of the property we are gutting the interior and will soon begin work on removing the lovely aluminum siding and restoring this home to it's previous Victorian splendor.   Click on the address link below to learn more about the project and checkout the layouts of the all new apartments.

21 Plymouth Street, Montclair NJ