is a mouthful and a funny name for a home building and renovation company but it perfectly describes what we do.   Our homes are attractive, energy efficient and low maintenance - that's the "Sustainable" part.  They are also right sized (i.e not too big or small) and feature open layouts, large windows and are decorated to create a cozy and comforting living space -  as in your home as your own personal "Sanctuary".  

We have established a solid reputation in the Montclair area as a builder you can trust and provide a 1 year end to end warranty on everything we do.   Take a look at the “Projects” section of our website to examples of our past work and how well our homes fit into the specific neighborhood. 

NEWS FLASH >>>> Sustainable Sanctuary Homes has been awarded the prestigious 2019 “Bricks and Mortar” award by the Montclair Historical Society for the historically appropriate Renovations of both 21 and 41 Plymouth Street.

Our latest project is at 21 Plymouth Street in downtown Montclair.  This building was one of the very few “dogs” on a very pretty residential street where most homes were built in the early 1900’s.   The location is fantastic - just a 1 minute or so walk to Church Street and everything else downtown has to offer.  The building was completely gutted to create large open kitchen/living room/dining areas with bedrooms and baths around those great rooms. There are 3 Condominium units in the building. Click on the address link below for more information on this property.

21 Plymouth Street, Montclair NJ

Below is a picture of what 21 Plymouth looked like when we started. A “dog” it was.


The picture below is what 21 Plymouth looks like now. It’s now ready for the next hundred years.

House Front and side .jpg