We build new homes or do whole house renovations in the Montclair NJ area.  All our homes are attractive and energy efficient.   We pay attention to the building materials, methods and technologies needed to create healthy living and low maintenance environments.   We build with care and attention to detail so that your new home will last. 



Montclair is known for its beautiful homes and we create great looking interior spaces and exteriors that are scaled and finished to fit the neighborhood and site.  We make an effort to preserve native plantings and natural landscapes.   Our homes are right sized and feature open layouts with cozy and comforting living spaces.

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What is  "Sustainable"  about our homes ?

“Sustainability” is a multi-layer concept.  A building is “sustainable” in that it contributes to the overall health of the planet by using less energy and/or renewable vs finite energy sources and materials.  “Sustainability” is also achieved by building better to reduce ongoing maintenance.  For example all our homes use fiber cement siding and synthetic trim board products vs. traditional wood siding and trim. The newer products look great are made from renewable materials and are largely maintenance free vs. needing to sand/prime/paint a wood home every few years.

Many of our new homes are factory built.  This is a much more sustainable building approach than traditional onsite construction due to the significant reduction and recycling of material waste generated by the building process.  Show me another builder that focuses on reducing waste and recycling and I will eat his or her hat !  Do you really want the interior of your new home exposed to the weather while it is being built or would you rather have it built in a weather and quality controlled environment ?

Our homes feature a tight building envelope. Well insulated and sealed roofs, exterior walls, basements, attics, and energy efficient windows/doors are the foundation of an energy efficient home.  We also offer active ventilation systems to maintain the quality of the indoor air and do it efficiently. Energy recovery ventilation systems or ERV’s capture the heat from the stale air before it is expelled from the house and transfer it to the incoming filtered air before circulating that fresh air throughout the house.

Water saving plumbing fixtures, LED lighting and energy efficient appliances and heating/cooling systems are the next steps.  A new gas fired hot air heating system can be up to 96% efficient. A tank less hot water heater will save both water and the energy vs. a conventional tank system that attempts to maintain hot water at all times vs. on demand.  Whenever possible we use passive solar design to contribute to the heating of our homes in the winter and the shading from the sun in the summer.  Its not hard to do - put more windows on the south facing side of your home and add roof overhangs to block the direct sun in the summer.  Also add deciduous trees on the south facing side to work with or against the sun depending on the season.  

There are many practical ways to be "sustainable" and the benefits are significant: a quieter and healthier home that costs you a lot less to heat and cool.  Tests on some of our homes have shown that they are up to 55% more efficient than a conventional built new home.